Bald and Beautiful Sphynx Cats
We prefer that you pick up your kitten in
person. If that isn't possible we can fly
the kitten to your nearest major airport
for the cost of the flights. Please contact
us for details on individual itineraries.
Angellina Segal
Henderson, Nevada
(818) 674-3623
Upon the approval of adoption and to
place a hold on a kitten, the Kitten
Contract is to be printed, read
carefully, signed and sent to me with a
$500.00 non-refundable deposit.

BareMews Sphynx Contract

BareMews - Angellina Segal
For security measures-Address will be given out at time of visiting or sale
(818) 674-3623

Buyer Information:
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________________
: __________________________________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

Kitten/Cat Information:
Name: BareMews______________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________    
Color: _____________    Sex:     M/F  Quality: PET or PET/SHOW
Kitten/Cat TICA/CFA:_______________________ Kitten/Cat microchip #_____________________
Sire: _________________________________Sire TICA/CFA:_______________________________
Dam: ________________________________ Dam TICA/CFA:_______________________________

Non-refundable Deposit: $500.00       Date: __________
Purchase Price: $__________ Shipping Fee: $__________ PayPal Fee: $__________Pick up is preferred

**Once a deposit is placed, should a buyer change their mind about the purchase, the deposit will not be refunded.
In case of full payment, the amount of $500.00 will be retained. Cash or PayPal are only forms of payment accepted.  
If using PayPal an additional 4% service fee applies to each transaction.

Medical History:
Vaccinations: _________________________________________________________________________
Dates: ________________________Next Vaccination Due:____________________________________
Deworm: ______________________ Dates: ________________________________________________

The conditions of this sale are as followed:
BareMews (Angellina), Hereinafter referred to as “Seller”
This kitten/cat sales contract entered into on ________, 2021 between Angellina, (Seller)
and ___________________________, (buyer).

Seller Obligations:
1. The Seller, BareMews, guarantees this kitten/cat to be of sound health upon arrival. BareMews also provides a 72 hr limited guarantee that the
kitten/cat is in good health at the time of purchase. It is required that a new kitten/cat be kept in quarantine during this period. In order to validate the
guarantee, the kitten/cat MUST be taken to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the date of purchase. (BUYERS EXPENSE) Failure to have the
kitten/cat checked by a licensed veterinarian will void any guarantee. If the licensed veterinarian finds this kitten/cat to have a life-threatening illness,
buyer must notify the Seller immediately with a letter/fax from the examining veterinarian providing an explanation of his/her findings on above kitten/cat
and the kitten/cat may be returned to the Seller within 5 days for an exchange for another kitten/cat . If no replacement is available at the time of return,
Seller will have up to 1 year to furnish a comparable kitten/cat . Seller will not honor any health guarantees if kitten/cat dies of a virus from contact with
another animal not bred by Seller. Kitten/cat can not be returned for COMPENSATION after the guaranteed period has expired or if kitten/cat has been
exposed to other kitten/cat within the 72 hour guarantee period. **Quarantine for a 72 hr period.**

2. This kitten/cat is guaranteed against any Congenital and Genetic defects (including HCM) for 2 years. Should it die within the guaranteed time period
as the result of a Congenital or Genetic defect, the kitten/cat will be replaced if an appropriate necropsy (BUYERS EXPENSE) is performed and a vet’s
certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. Seller will replace kitten/cat of comparable quality and value as discretion of the seller. This guarantee
applies to the original owner only and is nontransferable to a second party.

3. The Seller will have completed all the age appropriate vaccinations, microchip ID and de-wormings by the time of purchase. Seller does not warrant
against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations.

4. The Seller will continue to provide bathing, ear & eye care, litter box and scratching post training on above kitten/cat belonging to BareMews until the
day of leaving.

5. Seller will provide all kitten/cat buyers of BareMews: Health guarantee/contract, shot record, microchip registration, toy, registration slips from TICA/CFA
and baby photographs for you to enjoy of your new BareMews Sphynx.

6. The seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred after leaving BareMews. The seller assumes no responsibility for this kitten/cat after the
delivery date for any medical expense, human allergies, training difficulties or behavior problems, but will be here for advise and support for the life of
your kitty. If being shipped, once the kitten/cat is delivered to the airline the buyer assumes all responsibility for the kitten/cat. The seller is not responsible
for any kitten/cat that gets lost or stolen after acceptance by the airline carrier or any additional shipping fees added on if the kitten/cat is delayed in
shipping by airline carrier. It is the responsibility of the buyer to file a claim with the airline carrier if the kitten/cat is lost, stolen, damaged, delayed or
results in the mortality of the kitten/cat. This is why I prefer new kitten/cat parents come pick up their kitty in person.

7. Kittens/cats sold as pets will be spayed/neutered before leaving BareMews. If for any reason kitten/cat sold as a pet is not altered before placing, all
registration papers will be held until proof of alter is provided. Kitten/cat sold as pets will not be shown in competition without permission of BareMews
and will be marked on registration papers.

8. If the kitten/cat is sold as a show/breeder (additional Breeder contract applies) this contract is to be followed. I do not guarantee that a kitten/cat that
is sold as a breeder will produce any litters at any time during the kitten/cat lifetime. I do not guarantee that a kitten/cat that is sold as a breeder will
have the same quality as their parents or any other cat in their pedigree. I do not guarantee a show kittens/cats performance in the ring, how they will
develop as they grow or even if they will tolerate the show ring. Although some cats are show quality not all cats enjoy that environment.

9. Seller does not guarantee the amount of hairlessness said kitten/cat may develop with age. It is understood that degrees of hairlessness in Sphynx vary
from cat to cat and that no Sphynx is completely hairless. It is understood that hormones, climate, and genetics play an important role in hairlessness and
that even though a Sphynx kitten may be almost hairless when sold, it is possible that said kitten could develop some hair after being spayed/neutered,
from season to season or as it grows older. It is also impossible to guarantee that any Sphynx kitten /cat will not grow some hair at some point in the future.

Buyer Obligations:
1. The kitten/cat will carry the BareMews PREFIX in his/her registered name.

2. The price of the above kitten/cat is US $________ . Any balance plus other fees shall be paid in full 2 days prior to the date Seller tells buyer the
kitten/cat is ready to leave the sellers home unless paying cash when picking up in person. All shipping, insurance, and airline carrier charges shall be
paid by the buyer.

3. Buyer accepts the responsibility of caring both physically & emotionally for above kitten/cat . Buyer agrees to provide a warm, pleasant and clean
environment, uncaged unless traveling, proper nutrition, health care, companionship, space for exercise, cat friendly toys and a scratching post of some
kind. Buyer will keep kitten/cat indoors at all times unless on harness with leash or carrier cage for short trips. This kitten/cat is not allowed to free roam
outdoors. Due to the lack of hair, the Sphynx can sunburn very easily and is sensitive to weather conditions.

4.Buyer understands that if the kitten / cat is de-clawed it will render the guarantee *VOID*. Buyer understands that de-clawing is a mutilation involving
the amputation of a large portion of the kitten /cat’s toes, which is likely to alter the kitten /cat’s temperament and general well-being. Buyer agrees that
above kitten /cat will NEVER be de-clawed and that adequate scratching posts and regular nail trimming will be provided.

5. Buyer agrees that the kitten/cat will always receive prompt, top-notch medical care from a competent, licensed veterinarian. Care shall be obtained
immediately upon any signs of illness. If buyer fails to do so, the health guarantee will become void.

6. Both parents are Feline Leukemia and FIV negative. The above kitten/cat has been inoculated as appropriate with a three-way vaccine. It is also
buyer's obligation to keep above mentioned kitten/cat current on age appropriate vaccinations. We DO NOT immunize for Feline Leukemia, FIP, or
Ringworm. If these treatments are implemented, ALL HEALTH GUARANTEES implied or specified WILL BECOME NULL AND VOID.

7. Buyer agrees to keep said kitten/cat for as long as it lives, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THIS
WHO HAS THE FIRST OPTION TO TAKE THE KITTEN/CAT BACK AT NO CHARGE. If Seller chooses not to reclaim this cat, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to
place the cat in an EXCELLENT home that is mutually agreed upon with the Seller, under the same conditions as stated in this contract. Seller will help the
Buyer in finding a new home if necessary. Seller must be notified of new pet home, address and phone number. Also, if Buyer has to move, the Seller must
be notified of the new address and telephone number of Buyer, within thirty days (30) of initial move. Buyer shall provide Seller with the name(s), address
(es), and phone number(s) of any veterinarians or other professionals who have at any time cared for and/or treated the kitten that is the subject of this
contract. This is required in order for Seller to do periodic general health checks on said kitten/cat to ensure the cat is being properly cared for.

8. Buyer accepts the seller will contact them, from time to time, for any updates on our kitten/cat from BareMews and will be allowed to do so. We, the
below-signed, consider this document to be a legally binding document between Angellina Segal owner of BareMews as Seller and
_______________________ as buyer/s. This contract is non-transferable to other parties, nor kittens/cats. In the event that the buyer breaks any part of
this contract, the buyer must pay all fees associated enforcing this contract or repossessing the kitten/cat. Any evidence of abuse, neglect, or any violation
of this contract provides the seller with the right to repossess kitten/cat at any time without compensation, refund, or restitution to the buyer. There are no
other implied, written, or verbal agreements other than those outlined in this contract. Should any dispute regarding this contract or sale, the laws of the
state of Nevada shall be controlling and any legal proceedings must take place in Clark County in Nevada at Buyers expense.

Buyer and Seller agree to ALL of the above stated terms.
Signature of Buyer: _______________________________________Date: ______________
Signature of Seller: ________________________________________Date:______________
**The above-signed consider this document to be legally binding. Changes or additions to this contract shall be initialed by ALL parties.
Copyright 2007-2021. BareMews Sphynx. All rights reserved.